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Постер песни T-Fest - Unreleased Freestyle #3
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  • Исполнитель: T-Fest
  • Название: Unreleased Freestyle #3
  • Длительность: 13:51
  • Лейбл: Swishahouse
T-Fest - Unreleased Freestyle #3
T-Fest - Unreleased Freestyle #3
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Текст песни Unreleased Freestyle #3
Hold on Watts
We gonna let the house deal with this
That’s Right. Swishahouse nigga
Ron C
Micheal 5000 Watts
We fixing to let the whole camp put somethin on you nigga’s mind huh
Yo. We done balled off in this 2k. Swishahouse back once again, know what I’m
talking about? Check it
I ride drop stretch STS, while playing chess with David Taylor
Pop the trunk it’s the Escalade, take a trip upstairs it’s the escalator
Body guard is the big bad vader candy you eat even now or later
Cook up my tape serve it up like a waiter
Newborns raise the roof in they cradle
I. neighbor, but I am a twin
Told R Kelly, get the drop benz
Get my house cleaned by Mary Poppins
When the trunk poppin, the. I drop in
Nationwide is how I dig,. and ice is what I drink
Wash my face with Versace.
50/50 on the back of my.
Chillin with my dogs from the northside
. buckles is all I ride
From 288 to I-45
M.O.E. til the day I die
Fifth wheel say hi, wave bye bye
20's throwed is your only reply
. cause I’m bout to be high
All I see pimpin me
I’m just a G like .AT
What it do? What’s the deal?
Elbows and fours on a power wheel
Plex with me I’m packing steel
Like Samuel L Jackson it’s time to kill
Swangers like this
Show em my piece
Drop my top, see a star and make a wish
. don’t rap like this
Acres homes Texas.
Lil Twin. 50/50 Baby
Al Bolden
Sittin crooked in the drop
With my head out the pop
I ride on 22 inch fans to cool down my block
I sell birds by the flock and buy baguettes by the dozen
I done sipped a gallon with my cousin and they ain’t buzzin
Northside bitch I love it. And my trunk stay crack
And I done stack more cheese than a sour dough jack
Jealous niggers get back
Cause my nine’s in line
I took my. to the shop
Yea my niggas like to dine
But don’t like to fight
I’d rather work the cherry wood like a damn termite!
Imma shine cut off the lights so we can blind these hoes
My folks called Jenny Jones on me cause I was doggin my vouges
So many 0s on my account that Wells Fargo said fuck you
And I’m stacking more chips than Mr.
Got a bad bitch in Loredo and she cook me alfredo
Imma rip up you boy’s chest like a Texas tornado
And I bet all them haters thinkin that thats ok though
But my chips ain’t made of no. playdo
They hot Watts, so put the teflon on they head
I hang with real niggers like big tike. and.
When I. down the 'stead man then boys can’t fade em
On Tuesday ostrich, on Wednesday alligator
I’m a hater hater
Man hold up!
Uh yeah what up what up who is this?
This is Ron C, who is this?
Uh, man let me talk to big watts
Man who is this man?
Uh, this is Slim Thug
Man this ain’t no mother fucking Slim Thug
Uh, Yes it is nigga this me. When I come down I be. nigga this me
Man if this is Slim Thug, let me hear you say ha
Man get the fuckin.
Hold up! Man don’t hang up!
Now guess who’s back wreckin tracks
Gettin. platinum plaques
On 20's and that big lack
Makin that paper stack
It’s me, Slim T H U G
About to wreck in your CD deck
I make hoes give me respect because my mouth piece write fat checks
I don’t. I know I’m talk of the line
I don’t plex cause I don’t have time
I’m trying to grind, tryin to shine
Gettin mine from 9 to 9
. Boss Hogg, outlaws
Top dog, won’t pause
Big boy with big balls
. fuck me, fuck ya’ll
You hate me? Do somethin!
Punk bitch, quit bumpin
I’m riding big, trunk thumpin
On the block, rock pumpin
Me and Ron,.
We low pro and blow slow
Sippin drank, blowin endo
Me and watts still put it down
On the North of that H-town
. dont clown
Keep a smile, not a frown
I stay paid, I got it made
I live laid in Gucci shades
. when it come to braids
Never see me with a fade
., on my arm
. charm
Princess cut up in my mouth
I’m holdin it down, down south
. top down
Pop trunk, whizz around
I feel like I gotta shine
It’s 2000, double time. Huh
Hold up slim. MAN!
These boys think we playin with em
I done told these boys
It’s the year 2000
And we here to stay
That’s right
It’s Ron C
Make sure you pick up this new shit we about to drop on you boys
Mr Archie Lee
Mr Master
Lil Mario
Oh yeah? Really though
What it do?
Cut that
Warfare on the track
So you know when the damn thing about to get wack
Better borrow off my stack
Motherfucker get your mind right
This here about to put me in the lime light
It’s already been said that I rhyme tight
I probably spit a flow that your mom like
I’m the bomb right? like a hand grenade
Chop boys up like a ginsu blade
Tidwell thugs is down to get paid
. diamond braids
I got it made, like I’m special ed
Big body dropped with the infra red
1500 with the.
Bout 4 or 5. with the.
Yes you did,. house
Cover your eyes,. gonna gloss
Blinged up wrist piece
Hand and mouth
Representin the North
See I rinse em off, every time I come
Lightin up the scene like Vietnam
Ya’ll motherfuckers better recognize the Ron
Hold up man
Know what I’m saying?
Big Tike
We about to put it down
Boss Hogg
I done bred my. with that white chalupa dog
From taco bell
Fifth wheel fell
It’s the big tike and I’m all about my.
. fuck a coochie
I done just pulled me a pidgen toed hoochie
Her name is Tracy
She works at Macy’s
Broke these boys off I got diamonds in my braces
Diamonds in my mouth
Gold on my teeth
I play quarterback like Ryan Leaf
Like that boy Randall
It’s the Cunningham
Three wheel, pop trunk, trunk slam
Livin on the street,.
Broke these boys off I got Gucci on my feet
Fendi on my face
Gucci on my waist
. I done caught a case
I told them what I’m about
Broke them boys off with the
Man hold up!
Big Tike done broke it
Paul Wall gonna fix it
I can hire Bill Gates as my assistant
Might go ballistic
Micheal Watts the Don
Me and big redd.
Starch in my sean jean
Me and Al Bolden. ate at Kim Son
Watch out here I come
I done came, I done went
I could go camping with a Versace tent
Pocket got Gucci lent
Paul Wall run amok
I could catch boppers if I drove an ice cream trunk
Me and Ron C took a trip to Japan
I done put swangers on the 97.9 the box van
Got a sista named Anne
I’m the Boss Hogg
I done got a gold grill for my pet dog
Grippin wood log with louise and 54
Me and Chamillion did a song with.
Where the sabwar?
Imma do a campaign tour with Al Gore
Man hold up!
. long time man
We gonna wreck shop from H-Town all the way to Louisiana. From Louisiana back
to California man
Know what I’m sayin
Ya’ll better watch out
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