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Treacherous Doctor Wallows

Постер песни Wallows - Treacherous Doctor
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  • Исполнитель: Wallows
  • Название: Treacherous Doctor
  • Длительность: 3:01
  • Лейбл: Atlantic
Wallows - Treacherous Doctor
Wallows - Treacherous Doctor
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Текст песни Treacherous Doctor
Could I trust you with my thoughts
Or would you use them all against me
Can you replace my eyes for yours
And see what I really look like
I could help you criticize
Looking for a sense of relation
Where do people want me to be?
I can’t help but die on vacation
Dressed to unimpress easily
Losing sight again
I’ll go ahead and give your eyes back now
You go on, go on
So what’s the point of connecting to anyone?
Is a relationship bought or is it won?
Are the things I think are important
Simply just distractions from death?
All of my ideas turn to content
They can be conceived 'til they’re read
Lost my words again
It doesn’t matter
'Cause you wouldn’t understand
Love, it isn’t life in the twenties
Nothing much to look forward to
I can’t help but die on vacation
Is this the way to exit my youth?
Hey, treacherous doctor, do you know what’s the matter with me?
Hey, treacherous doctor, do you know what’s the matter with me?
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