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Burning Myrrh Full of Hell

Постер песни Full of Hell - Burning Myrrh
  • Слушали: 89
  • Исполнитель: Full of Hell
  • Название: Burning Myrrh
  • Длительность: 2:12
  • Лейбл: Relapse
Full of Hell - Burning Myrrh
Full of Hell - Burning Myrrh
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Текст песни Burning Myrrh
Six trees sit beneath six arches
In a glass wrought armory, obsidian
Scavenging for firelight, hobbling
In the ruins of a pillory, crumbling
Heart moved like dead leaves
Run raw with intolerance
Sand bubbling to glass
Time spent in aberrance
Cavern is empty
Doorway is shut
Land is in love
Mingled with grief
A billowing cataract on a long polished gem
Joints scream, stone boils from within
A Silmaril clutched underneath permafrost
Machines whirr, lonely dig belies the cost
A sigh of vapor rises amongst floral haze
Haunted arches resting soft betwixt their gaze
Cavern is empty, cold without meaning
Doorway is shut, forever sealed
Land is in love, heart moved like dead leaves
Mingled with grief, union of aching
Weeping ghost
Living warmth
Glowing blind
Pit of despair
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